Is digital self-service enablement the best approach for BFS industry post COVID 19?

Digital Self-Service

As we take a look at our calendars, there are two things that baffle us. The first one is something that happens quite often to a lot of us; we are approaching the half-year mark already! The second one is that conferences, summits, trade fairs, exhibitions, and any other form of large gatherings will never be the same again due to the impact of the COVID-19 virus. And we wonder…how did something as small as that have such a huge impact on the entire world? 

On 7th May, we co-hosted our first ever webinar in participation with our partner ITC Infotech on Digital Transformation in the Banking & Financial Services industry post COVID-19. Karthik Sivaprakasam, VP, Business Development & Product Strategy from i-exceed technologies and Ranjith Ranadheeran, Global Capability Leader for Banking and Financial Services at ITC Infotech hosted the webinar. They covered a wide range of topics that included the impact the COVID-19 lockdown will have in the BFS sector, how it is being addressed by banks around the world, and the way forward. 

Some interesting findings from the webinar included –

– 51% felt back-office digitization as the most important area for investments since it would be the most affected by COVID-19 while the rest of the audience felt that customer service and call centre operations needed most attention.

– 57% felt digital transformation was the intervention that would reduce the impact of COVID-19 for the BFS industry while the rest of the audience felt that back-office digitisation and cloud enablement would be the answer to the situation.

View the full webinar here –

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