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What are new innovations coming to mobile banking?

Q&A session with Forrester. Part 1 of 5.
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How can banks deliver hyper-personalized user journeys?

Q&A session with Forrester. Part 1 of 5.

Omnichannel Trends in Banking

Jost Hoppermann, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester speak about omnichannel trends in banking and the key technologies banks are adopting to deliver seamless omni-channel user journeys.

Emerging Technology Trends

Martha Bennett, VP and Principal Analyst and Jost Hoppermann, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester share their thoughts on the last technology trends that will impact the banking and financial industry, which technologies to invest in, and how its adoption will benefit banks.

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A unique combination of an award-winning low-code micro-app based digital banking platform and a suite of digital banking solutions.

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Sathapana Bank

i-exceed is one of the most passionate teams out there. One can only imagine…sky’s the limit when you partner i-exceed.

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SME Banking | Changing Digital Landscape

Watch the webinar co-hosted by IBS Intelligence on how SME Banking landscape has witnessed a lot of change in recent times that have fast-tracked digital adoption.

Watch Amitabh Bachchan recognize efforts of Coronawarriors of Indiapost and ippbonline during COVID-19.

Since inception, IPPB has been a leader in making financial products accessible even to the most rural clients. Proud to be part of this journey!

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Bringing finance to rural India

Banking is an essential part of everyday life, but for thousands of people living in rural India, accessing the most basic financial services can mean travelling long hours to the nearest city.

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Sundar's views on how these 6 trends would play a vital role in evolving FinTech in 2020.

S. Sundararajan, Executive Director at i-exceed, shares his views on what would be the 6 key trendsetters that would play a vital role

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Fincare Small finance Bank

We partnered with i-exceed because of the flexibility Appzillon provided in powering our digitalization journey.

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Appzillon Connect 2019 : Bangalore

Sundar talks about how Appzillon has proven itself as a leader for digital transformation, discuss the latest trends that are shaping

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Meet us at Sibos 2018 | ICC Sydney | L4 Booth K-20

At the event, we were showcased our flagship offering Appzillon, that consists of a unique combination of Appzillon Digital Banking and Appzillon Omni-Channel Digital Experience Platform.

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