RM Plus – Relationships…

The quality of one’s life largely depends on the quality of relationships they maintain. This principle holds good in the business world too; establishing and maintaining healthy relationships go a long way in establishing a loyal customer base.

Today, making an international call takes a fraction of the time it used to take a few decades back. Remember the time when one needed to book a call and wait for hours before getting connected? As technology has progressed, so have our expectations. We want things at our finger tips and we want them now.

While most aspects of our lives have benefited from technological advancements, relationship managers up till now had a different story to tell. They had to carry around their laptops or be at their computers, carry stacks of documentation, and deal with limited or no internet connection while travelling, among other challenges. The reason for this were multi fold; the most significant one being the fact that the data involved in these transactions are extremely sensitive and requires seamless integration with backend services with multiple layers of security that wasn’t available up till now in a form that was satisfactory to enterprises.

We, at i-exceed felt it was quite unfair that the most important link in a business got the least technological assistance to improve performance. After all, isn’t it a no-brainer? A strong customer base equates to overall business robustness in any industry. So we decided to address this issue by bringing forth our years of experience in creating banking solutions to create an app that empowers relationship managers to make the best use of technology to create memorable customer interactions and improve productivity and operational efficiency. With RM Plus, powered by Appzillon, you get that and more.

The app comes with device and platform independence, enterprise grade security, and scalability as standard. The Appzillon platform works its magic with automatic generation of screens and automatic integration with backend services. Features such as document capture and offline capabilities comes really handy while visiting customers in remote locations. Imagine filling up of forms on a mobile device and submitting them with a click of a button. Offline capabilities mean that even if there is zero network coverage, RMs can complete their activities and app updates itself as soon as it gets into a place where there is network coverage. Customers too can benefit with the app by using it to open a new account or generate a service request.

From the operational side, relationship managers can manage and modify their workflows, view customer portfolio heat maps, and track action items with an activity dashboard. They can even do simulations of complex business products and demonstrate the benefits of those products to their clients. This helps them stay ahead of their game with all the information they need at their fingertips. With the help of Appzillon’s extensive collection of charts and widgets, all the info is presented in easy to read graphical outputs that can be customised to one’s preference.

In terms of performance management, RM Plus aids relationship managers to track and tweak their performance with the help of the performance matrix dashboard that provides a snapshot view of business generated, client feedback, rates of market penetration, and a whole lot of useful data. They can also compare their performance with their peers, perform an appraisal, and contribute in a team setting.

The end result of all this is an immediate boost in productivity, better cash flow, and of course reduced paperwork. So what are you waiting for? Give your relationship managers the edge they’ve been waiting all these years.

For more info, request for a demo or drop us an email. Our experts would be more than happy to address your queries.

In our next post, we will discuss the increasing interest in wearables and the impact it can create in the digital banking space.