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My journey at i-exceed

My journey at i-exceed

Recently, I was watching a video by British-born American author and motivational speaker Simon Sinek on Performance vs. Trust []. There he emphasized on how great the organization evaluates their employees i.e., the key assets of an organization.

After watching the video, I quickly realized that the inherent values at i-exceed resonated with the idea Simon was talking about; it focuses a great deal on the personal and professional growth of a resource.

However, this inference isn’t one that applies to me alone. There are a multitude of my colleagues at i-exceed who can corroborate my observation and I’d like to take this opportunity to share my experience.

I joined i-exceed in Nov’2017 to lead the business development for the SEA market. The appraisal term of i-exceed is in the month of October and I completed my first year there in Oct’ 2018. As I was getting ready for my 1 st performance review with utmost dissatisfaction that I had nothing to show as an achievement vs. the target that was been set, I was prepared to hear the most obvious statement from reporting head – “ Sumesh, you have been with i-exceed for a year but you haven’t brought any sales. You should look out for options elsewhere.” But on the contrary, I was amazed when I was told that the organization was happy with my performance and handed me an increment letter. I was perplexed and asked, “I barely reached the expectations that were set for me; Then why this recognition and increment?” His response had me floored. He said, “Getting sales numbers is not your responsibility only. It is the collective responsibility of the organization as a whole. We trust you and acknowledge your efforts, the market information you have gathered, and other value-add that you have provided the organization in the last 1 year. While you may not have attached a value to your achievements, we measure performance on a lot of other factors and that’s why we are happy with you and trust that your continued efforts will add value directly and indirectly to i-exceed”. I felt relieved and continued my work with the same zeal as before.

Six months later, my sales figures had not made much headway and I was concerned whether I was making efforts in the right direction. I knew my reporting head didn’t have any grievances since he didn’t hint anything during my interactions with him. But I asked myself, why an organization would keep an employee like me?

I approached my reporting head and shared my dissatisfaction to continue working with i-exceed. He tried to convince me to the best of his ability and at the same time arranged a one-to-one meeting with the CEO on a Sunday evening. During the 2-3 hours of discussion and dinner with CEO, we spoke nothing about my performance or related aspects but he shared his vision and goal for i-exceed and how important I have been in the organization’s growth. He shared several others nuggets of information that helped me leave the meeting with a positive energy that has helped me remain motivated with the same passion and enthusiasm.

As I am writing this, I am about to complete 3 years at i-exceed and I have started becoming a solid performer with the constant support of my team and other peers at i-exceed.

As Simon mentioned in his speech, i-exceed, like any other organization would prefer to have the best performer/trustworthy employee and I acknowledge that even though I have a long way to go before I feel I can be called a top performer/trustworthy employee, I wouldn’t have reached where I am today without the moral support that i-exceed has provided me.

I take this opportunity to recognize the senior management team at i-exceed for being better than the best and offer my heartfelt gratitude to my leader, mentor, and reporting head – Sagar Kirpekar and inspirational CEO – S. Sundararajan.

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