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i-exceed and India Post Payments Bank (IPPB) are working together on one of the world’s largest financial inclusion projects. IPPB has been ranked as one of the top 5 banks for contributing to a significant rise in the total number of digital payment transactions amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Why Banks Choose Us

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Sathapana Bank

i-exceed is one of the most passionate teams out there. One can only imagine…sky’s the limit when you partner i-exceed.


Strong Performer in Digital Banking Engagement Platforms 2019

2nd largest number of customer wins for digital banking systems 2019

Niche player in the quadrant for Mobile Application Development Platform 2018


Redefining Digital Banking Experiences

Appzillon Digital Banking from i-exceed helps the smart banks of today to deliver personalized user journeys, increase engagement rates, improve customer retention rates, and realize rapid returns on investment.

This suite of omni-channel banking solutions ensure consistent and seamless experience across various user touch points for B2C, B2B, and B2E domains with solutions for corporate banking, corporate onboarding, retail banking, retail onboarding, digital branch, agency banking, and relationship management.


Benchmarking Rapid Digital Transformation

Appzillon Development Platform from i-exceed provides a low-code visual development environment that is helping banks gain competitive edge in a digitally driven world.

Built on open technologies, a unique micro-app based architecture, a comprehensive repository of reusable and modular digital assets, and an automated development approach amongst others, the platform facilitates rapid digital transformation with absolutely no compromise on time to market, user engagement, and security.


Banking-As-A-Service: The Logical Evolution To The Banking Sector

Financial institutes can leverage the niche expertise of technology companies to offer newer and more innovative services to their customers.
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IDBI bank deploys i-exceed’s Appzillon customer onboarding solution

IDBI Bank has gone live with a customer onboarding solution powered by i-exceed’s award winning digital experience platform Appzillon
In the Media  
The Cathedral and the Bazaar of Digital Banking

The Cathedral and the Bazaar of Digital Banking

It’s hard to believe that mobile banking is only a decade old. In 2010, there were probably 100 mobile banking apps; a decade later,

Digital-Centric – New Normal for Banking”.

The world will not be the same after COVID-19. The banking industry, like others, is dealing with unprecedented challenges, some of them more successfully than others.