2017 saw global FinTech investment figures surge past the USD 8 billion mark. A close look at analyst reports also indicates an increase in investments as time progresses. However, there is a huge gap between the demand for digital assets and the resources available to deliver them.

We, at i-exceed have seen the challenges most enterprises face and have focused our energies to solve the digital transformation problems of today and help enterprises to be future ready to tackle the challenges of tomorrow. We understand that agility in the development of digital assets and a quick time to market are two inalienable facts that ensure competitive advantage.

Our award winning digital platform Appzillon now adopts a micro app based approach to building apps. This approach focuses on building smaller (micro) apps with specific functionalities that can be combined to build functionally complex apps instead of building a monolithic app from scratch. This provides businesses unparalleled agility in building new solutions and more importantly in enhancing solutions on a constant basis. Appzillon also includes a customizer that helps business users to customize apps, apply themes, and make a host of changes on the fly.

Appzillon is now embedded with features that support smart screens and automated personalization. With smart screens, the system prefills forms by learning from the previous transactions to ensure that a user only fills minimal information that is incremental in nature. With automated personalization, users enjoy a simplified user interface. The system recognizes frequently used actions and widgets and personalizes the UI layout accordingly.

At i-exceed, we aim to redefine banking experiences and this time around, we are doing it from the ground up. Come meet us at Finovate Asia 2017 to learn more about our offerings.

Event: Finovate 2017
Location: JW Marriot, 7-8th November


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