Micro App Architecture

Revolutionizing App Development

App development in an enterprise still remains an expensive and time intensive exercise because a lot of enterprises still believe that building all-rounder apps is the best way to address digital transformation initiatives. But many at times, this approach results in apps with a lot of unused functionality, poor user experience, and reduced customer adoption rates.

Enter micro-app-architecture – A novel and efficient approach to building enterprise apps

To addresses this situation, i-exceed has formulated an ingenious approach known as the micro-app architecture. Here, instead of building apps from scratch, the micro-app approach simplifies the app development process by breaking down the entire app development project at a micro / granular level into small functional building blocks (also known as micro-apps) and combines them to build fully functional complex apps.


Simplifying Digital Transformation

Appzillon Digital Repository is a centralized collection of granular level omni-channel digital assets that helps enterprises fast-tracking app development due to improved modularity, discoverability, and reusability.

The types of digital assets available in the repository are

  • Base Apps

  • Micro Apps

  • Micro Services

  • Themes

  • Widgets

  • Static Templates

  • Dynamic Templates

  • Native Extensions

For each digital asset, Appzillon Digital Repository provides developers with comprehensive information with regards to an app’s functionality, screenshots, release date, release version, number of downloads etc.


With Appzillon Digital Repository, IT teams and business users can quickly discover the most relevant digital assets and reuse them to build new fully functional enterprise apps with significant reduction in time and effort.