Bank, Customer and IT Dilemma? Is there…

13 October
Written by: Abhishek Saxena

When I asked myself a question ‘when was the last time I logged into a full-fledged website for doing any banking transaction?’, the answer is ‘I don’t remember ‘. Yes, that’s because I get it done through my mobile banking app, almost on a daily basis. This gives me the following easy options

  • Freedom to bank anytime anywhere. No need to set specific time and place to do the same.
  • I can do most operations that I need using my app, so why bother doing it the traditional way. Of course, I have already stopped visiting banks for these purposes long back.
  • As I am a customer of one of the top banks, I am confident they provide me industry standard security.
  • Lightweight app is a plus as it helps me doing things fast.

Now I put myself in the bank’s shoes. As a bank, I have to meet the above expectations of my customers. Additionally, I need to think about the technical aspects as well as the time and cost to match these expectations. I need to focus upon are the following points

  • Among all other important things, mobility is very essential.
  • User experience should be rich with all operations at their disposal
  • Need to provide them security following industry standards and more importantly convince the customer of the robustness of mobile security
  • They want to browse and transact fast. Lightweight app is a must. It is necessary to leverage the multi-tier approach with minimal overhead at device tier.
  • App should be market ready in less time. Updates and enhancements should be dealt with soon.

As a bank I want to look for a solution for the above scenario. I chalk out following limitations while giving heads up with our IT team.

  • Time is one constraint. These apps require complex modules of security, integration with enterprise applications and encryption for locally stored data which is time consuming for developers.
  • That leads to consequences of delayed market readiness of app and add-on costs.
  • Developers want to give end user very rich user interface
  • End user devices are on different platforms. App should be supported on all these platforms. One or more teams working on different platforms will always lag behind.
  • Developers are concerned about simulators which they need while developing these apps. Different types of mobile devices need adaptable simulators.

We have three concerned groups – bank, customer and IT. In order to meet the demands of all three, let me proudly introduce our next generation mobile application development platform – Appzillon, an accelerated approach to mobile app development. Following are the brief description of its features which provides solution to all the requirements stated above

  • It reduces the development time by more than half, thanks to its “write once reuse anywhere” approach. It gives app developers many built-in automation capability for complex tasks of enterprise service integration, security and encryption which cut down over all time and subsequently cost.
  • Its yet another feature is to develop mobile apps for all major platforms – Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry as well as all leading browsers in a jiffy with no duplication of efforts.
  • And of course it comes with a powerful adaptable simulator.
  • With above options at the disposal of IT, they can invest their time freely on the aspect which is very vital. Yes, you guessed it right. User experience. This is also made easy with the widget portfolio, chart gallery and animation options provided by Appzillon.

So it’s turned out to be following end result for our three protagonists.

  • Happy Customers – will get what they want.
  • Satisfied Bank – will be able to retain and gain more happy customers.
  • Hyper-productive IT –  they will get a highly capable platform