3 Reasons why Appzillon is…

Going mobile is the enterprise buzz word these days. Everyone out there has a mobility strategy in place or is in the process of making one. Budgets are being allocated, engagement models are being designed, roadmaps are being laid out, and execution teams are getting in place.

Now comes the most crucial part. How do you plan on appifying your business?

  • Will you build on your own from scratch?
  • Will you use a mobile application development platform to develop apps?
  • Will you use a pre-built app and customize it to suit your requirements?

All three are great choices to go about. The first one works well if you have time and money at your disposal. The second works best if you need to cater to multiple mobile operating systems and do not want to master each native technology stack. The third option works best when you have a constraint of time and budget yet you have a pressing problem to address all your needs quickly.

Let’s see what the experts have to say – According to a report by International Data Corporation (IDC):

  • Will you build on your own from scratch?- Mobile app development would take up 25% of the software budget for most enterprises by 2018.
  • There would be four times the number of enterprise apps optimized for mobile that we have now.
  • However, only 15% of large organisations will have adequate mobile security governance for process and policy.

Were your estimates similar? Would you have appified your business by then? Do you possess enterprise grade security?
In principle, those are not too many questions, but yet it needs a whole lot of thinking to answer.

Assuming that you have the budget and the strategy in place to go mobile, how would you go about choosing the right solution to address your business needs?
At i-exceed, we’ve made your work easier with Appzillon. Appzillon is our flagship unified app development suite that developers use to design and develop mobile and web based apps that are device and platform independent.

The important part comes now –

We could help you build your enterprise app from scratch quickly using Appzillon. Or, you can save tons of time and money by simply choosing a suitable solution from our pre-built banking solution framework and tweak it to your needs.
Our current offering includes solutions for consumer banking, corporate banking, customer onboarding, and relationship management. But that’s not all; we are also developing a whole lot of apps to cater to a wide range of business needs.

There are simply too many features that are good for your business to be listed here… but I’ll try and highlight why each of them are unique in their own way:

  • Consumer Banking: Simplifies personal banking and empowers retail customers to access your services 24×7
  • Corporate Banking: Enables corporate clients to perform day-to-day financial transactions with ease and provides insights into their current relationship
  • AOS: Simplifies and centralizes the onboarding process and facilitates onboarding from any corner of the world
  • RM Plus: Helps relationship managers to manage client services, improves operational efficiency and reduces paperwork

[/mk_custom_list][vc_column_text p_margin_bottom=”20″ width=”1/1″ el_position=”first last”]The best part is…you can also bundle apps and features using smart widgets. This way, cross-selling services, and improving operational efficiency becomes simpler than you imagine.

Let me try to highlight the three reasons why Appzillon is good for your business:

  •  Auto generation of apps from existing enterprise services
  • Creates apps with enterprise grade security and intuitive user experience
  • Rapid delivery of apps

The first is a personal favorite of mine. Come on! Auto generating apps from existing services? How cool is that? The second one is a proof of our attention to detail on even the smallest of nuances. Let’s look at the third one. I decided to go with ‘rapid’ to give you a scale of the number of apps that can be built using Appzillon. How you do think the ‘zillon’ part figured in Appzillon?

The reason is simple – Over three decades of expertise in developing and implementing banking solutions gives a very deep insight into a lot of nuances that would fail to catch an untrained eye. We have also been successful in converting that expertise into something tangible that we call the Appzillon Banking Solution Stack. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. We are constantly enhancing the stack to cover more functions and enriching the existing solutions to cater to the latest developments in the banking industry.

For more info, you can always visit our website or drop us an email. Our experts would be more than happy to address your queries.

In our next post, we will discuss some of the technical aspects that make Appzillon a game changer in the mobility space.