BANGALORE, India, 31 January

Once again, i-exceed will be presenting its flagship Appzillon Digital Banking Solutions at Finovate Europe 2017. The event that takes place in London on the 7th and 8th of February will showcase the cutting-edge of banking and financial technology in a unique, short-form, demo-only format.
Today, disruption is the name of the game, and as much as the word disruption might have a negative sense to it, it isn’t all bad. While the trend has unsettled the incumbents, it has levelled the ground and paved a path for some real healthy competition.
The amount of data being generated today is simply mind boggling and had we been cybernetic in nature, all we’d see is data floating around us all the time. User activity on different apps and channels generate tonnes of data that provide valuable insights about customer behaviour and preferences. Institutions can leverage this data to create next generation services and products that meet and exceed customer expectations. While in the past, banking institutions have been sceptical of the progress of non-banking financial institutions and fin-tech companies, the truth is that a synergy between the two is the best way forward.
In our journey of creating next generation banking solutions, we have seen trends go by and have constantly improved our products to meet the need of the hour. Our Appzillon based suite of digital banking solutions has been designed with the operations of the bank at the core and aims to transform the banking experience for customers and bank employees alike. We have also factored in changing customer behaviour and preferences to build solutions that are functionally complete and easy to use.
There are several third party service providers that customers constantly interact with today on a constant basis for authentication. A synergy between banking systems and these third party service providers would help customers receive personalised services and products that suit their specific needs that would, in turn, position the bank as a true financial assistant for their customers.
As Europe readies itself to the Second Payments Service Directive (PSD2), seamless access to customer financial data across different systems becomes a key criterion for which banks and fintech companies need to prepare themselves for. All apps designed using Appzillon ensure account and transactional data security along with the ability to perform banking transactions that comply with PSD2.
In the light of better efficiency of carrying out banking transactions, we have enhanced the features of our existing apps and will also launch the newest addition to the solution package; a corporate treasury app that helps banks manage liquidity and improve cash flow positions across multi-bank transactions.

Would you like to know how we can transform your banking processes? Share your contact information and we will schedule a convenient time for a call or a meeting. To see our demo at Finovate, please join us on Session 5 on Feb 8th.

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