BANGALORE, India, 25 August, 2016

Since 2007, Finovate conferences have been a platform for showcasing the latest innovations in the banking and financial sector. The one day premier technology conference, scheduled to be held at PMQ in Hong Kong’s SoHo district will follow a unique demo-only format.

Current IT spending by banking and securities firms in the Asia/Pacific region is around $20 billion dollars. Most of these investments are aimed at making banks and other financial institutions better equipped to face disruption waves being created due to technological advancements and the arrival of non-banking financial institutions that are now offering services that were traditionally only offered by banks.

At i-exceed we are constantly improving the technical prowess of our platform and enhancing the features of our digital applications to better address the challenges financial institutions face worldwide. Team i-exceed will be providing a demo at the event, showcasing how the digital banking suite can help banks improve operational efficiency, increase employee productivity, reduce branch workload, perform instant on boarding, manage business relationships, and optimize operational efficiency.

At the heart of the solution lies the magic of our platform Appzillon. With a template based development approach, automatic integration of backend systems, and automatic generation of screens from existing services, a business can take an app to market 60% faster while using Appzillon over other development platforms. The developed solutions are omni channel in nature and are platform, operating system, device, and form factor independent ensuring a high degree of user adoption.

With Appzillon’s banking applications, banks can now engage their customers, empower their employees, and optimize operations. Looking forward to seeing you there.

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