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A Comprehensive Solution for Managing Your Biggest Asset – Your Customers

The digital revolution has brought about the age of the customer. Today, delivering outstanding customer service is one of the top priorities for banks around the world and financial technology is playing a big role in achieving this.


KPI Driven


While we’ve had extensive experience in developing digital banking solutions, we have also been the end users of several banking solutions. This combination has helped us in crafting solutions that are relevant to the times with a strong focus on delightful user journeys. Appzillon RM from i-exceed is an innovative solution that is designed to manage customer relationships, improve operational efficiency, and cut down paperwork.

Key Features

  • Performance matrix dashboard that provides a snapshot of key business indicators
  • Daily activities items dashboard
  • Customer portfolio heat map that allows the relationship manager to drill down and access 360 degree view of a client’s relationship with the bank
  • Document capture facility that reduces the need for physical submission and printing of documents
  • Seamless integration with multiple back-end applications for easier data aggregation and improved process efficiency
  • Offline capabilities that ensure serviceability of customers in locations with limited network connectivity
  • Enterprise grade security with multi-factor authentication and configurable workflows

Solution Benefits

  • Instant access to key information that helps in managing relationships and making critical decisions
  • Improved cross-selling and up-selling of products
  • Faster implementation of new business ideas and processes
  • Institutionalized way to perform relationship management