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Banking as a Service: Predictions for 2023

Microservices Architecture : Transforming the monoliths

As industries grow and technologies evolve, rapid digitization has become the only way forward to address growing consumer demands. From this perspective, the banking software industry has reached a new milestone with the rollout of functionally rich microservices-based architecture that can strategically transform a bank’s legacy system at scale and revolutionize banking products,
services, and user journeys. However, unlike monolithic legacy banking systems, microservices are independently deployable functional APIs that are cloud-native and cloudagnostic with tangible benefits. In a nutshell, microservices are the antithesis of slow-moving monolithic systems.

This whitepaper analyses, these aspects in detail.

Table of Contents:

  • Microservices Architecture Explained
  • Benefits of Microservices
  • Implementation Strategies
  • The Future of Microservices

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