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Banking as a Service: Predictions for 2023

Evolution Of CRM Driven Onboarding

Banking and corporate sectors, the main drivers of today’s global economy, often depend on customer relationship management (CRM) systems to onboard their customers. These CRM systems although comprehensive have gradually become complex and are no longer able to provide a seamless and rewarding experience to all involved.

This white paper describes the primary challenges in the CRM framework that makes onboarding complex and then look at how one of our customers managed to spectacularly overcome the challenges involved with a path breaking thought process and digital re-engineering with the help of our state of the art digital experience platform.

This paper aims to showcase our recommended Evolution-of-CRM-Driven-Onboarding:

  • Predicaments of Traditional CRM driven Onboarding
  • Digital pioneering of CRM assisted onboarding
  • Digital CRM – The way forward

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