Appzillon Sales Enablement Platform

Transform New Product Signups To Boost Revenue

Appzillon Sales Enablement Platform is designed to offer your staff the best combination of technology and user experience to realize higher levels of efficiency and generate more revenue.

The solution addresses the bottleneck issues, a lot of banks face. Whether it’s the size of data captured, complexity in compliance checks, integration aspects with multiple backend systems, due diligence processes, and so on. In the digital age, this isn’t something that empowers your staff. They deserve so much better.

Appzillon Sales Enablement simplifies the customer journey by introducing a straight through processing approach in the interaction between the digital channel, KYC and product processors. We have also simplified workflows, introduced new APIs for better efficiency, injected default and enrichment logic, and finally, created a new UX layer using Appzillon Digital Banking Platform for the sales staff. The end result is a drastic reduction in the number of information fields and thus, faster time to revenue while onboarding a new product or service for a customer.

Additionally, We Also Help You Identify Your Most Commonly Used Products And Re-Engineer Them For Greater Business Process Efficiency And A Better Client Experience.

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