FinTech disruption is changing the face of financial services

FinTech is designed to develop and deliver a better user experience for all parties. Disruption is often viewed as bad. But in this scenario, FinTech companies are leveraging disruptions to capitalize on new opportunities.
Traditional entry barriers faced by new players in the banking and financial services industry have long disappeared due to the emergence of new business models and technologies. At the meeting point of such technologies and business models, a revolution led by FinTech is underway and it is creating a new value chain by enabling financial institutions to derive opportunities out of modern disruptive environments.
Today, banks and financial institutions are increasingly working with disruptive technologies and startups to survive the changing times, and thrive in it. With radical changes expected in the scale, scope, and complexity of customer demands, as well as the banking services available, tools such as SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud), are providing banks with the means to reach more customers than ever before. Financial inclusion has become a key focus area for the central government, so several beneficial regulatory policies have also added greater impetus to the FinTech revolution.