We are pleased to announce the launch of Appzillon Developer Forum. This forum is our endeavor to create an environment for Appzillon developers to share queries, discuss technical aspects of the platform, and receive support for any clarifications they require while using the platform. The forum would also share insights shared by us on various topics such as architecture, security, product features, UX, etc. In addition, the forum would give access to the latest installation files, user manuals and workbooks of Appzillon.

Appzillon Workbooks is a new initiative that explains the basic concepts of Appzillon to those who wish to get acquainted with the platform. The workbooks explain how a user can build a new app / micro-app using Appzillon. It also highlights how one can integrate an app with RESTful services, SOAP Services, or database tables using Appzillon. The workbooks would also be updated on a periodic basis to disseminate any new features that have been added to Appzillon Development Platform.

We request everyone to join the forum and actively participate in the discussions to enrich it and make it an interactive and valuable repository for Appzillon developers worldwide.

To register on the forum, visit – forum.appzillon.com

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