BANGALORE, India, 19 April, 2016

The 17th installment of The Asian Banker Summit will see a new participant; i-exceed. Scheduled to be held between the 10th and 12th of May, 2016 at JW Marriott Hanoi, Vietnam, the forum will discuss how structural reforms and transitions would facilitate long-term growth models across key economies in Asia.

The growing adoption of mobile technologies is changing how banks have traditionally functioned. Disruptors are now offering services that were previously restricted to banks. While mobile first is the strategy most businesses are adopting, it comes with the challenges associated with multiple operating systems, form factors, and proprietary technologies that cause fragmentation and data mash up.

At the event, i-exceed will be presenting its flagship product Appzillon, that consists of Appzillon Development Platform and Appzillon Digital Banking Suite. The development platform uses the latest digital technologies to quickly deliver channel and device agnostic applications for smartphones, feature phones, tablets, desktops, and laptops using a unique automated process. Participants can see a live demonstration of the platform and its solutions to assess its abilities in addressing the challenges faced by financial institutions today.

The summit will host several conferences that reflect the complexity of today’s industry dynamics. Some of the topics that will be covered include:

1. The Risk Games Conference

2. The future of international transactions

3. Supply Chain trends

4. Development in financial market Infrastructure

5. Challenges in financial integration

The Asian Banker Summit is an important gathering for key people from the banking industry and will be an important proving ground for Appzillon to demonstrate its prowess in building future ready banking applications.

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