BANGALORE, India – 6th June, 2017 The digital age has given the word disruption a positive vibe. When technologists hear the word disruptor, they anticipate change, new opportunities, and a host of other changes that follow. This trend has shaken up old incumbents and given way to new players who are transforming different businesses.

In the Fintech world, advancements in technology have resulted in innovations that are taking place at breakneck speeds. And at times, it is really difficult to keep track of the changes that are happening around us. Since inception in 2000, Asian Banker Summit has been an event that covered a range of topics around banking, risk management, bank regulations, and IT for financial services.

In its 17th instalment, the event comes in its latest avatar. Re-branded now into ‘The Future of Finance Summit’, the event will be a gathering of visionary leaders, policy makers, banks, Fintech players, insurance companies, and other stakeholders that are re-inventing the future of finance.

At the event i-exceed will be showcasing the latest innovations in its flagship offering Appzillon Digital Banking. Appzillon Digital Banking consists of pre-built omni-channel solutions that address the banking needs of customers, employees, operations management teams, field officers and so much more. Our latest innovations extend the core capabilities of Appzillon Digital Banking further and help end customers and business users to customize and personalize the digital solutions with minimal involvement from the technology teams. We will also be present with a booth to demo our offerings and show prospective customers what Appzillon can do for their business.

Scheduled to be held at the MAX Atria at the Singapore Expo between the 8th and 9th of June 2017, the event will be a dialogue between the institutions and their customers customer so that they can experience and communicate their expectations of the industry.

To know about Appzillon or how we can help your business, write to us at to schedule a meeting with our solution experts.

Event: The Future of Finance
Location: MAX Atria, Singapore Expo
Dates: 8th-9th of June 2017
Booth: P4

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