BANGALORE, India, 27 July, 2015

The Philippines has seen a sharp increase in mobile internet adoption over the years.With mobile internet dominating a huge portion of the internet traffic, the role of mobility in reshaping the digital world and how it affects businesses is one that cannot be taken lightly anymore.
i-exceed partnered with Krisfinsoft to mark a strong presence at the Philippine Bank Symposium held on the 4th of June at the Shangri-la Hotel, Makati City, Manila, Philippines.

The event focused on recent technology developments and its role in shaping the next generation digital banking. The role of mobility and the role of mobile apps in digital banking was one of the key areas of discussion. Banks were keen to discuss how mobility could enable improving key business parameters, viz., customer retention, profitability, new customer acquisition, time-to-market and much more).

 Having spent decades in the banking industry, i-exceed had a strong point to make. Well versed in the development and performance tuning of banking operations as well as the development of mobile applications itself, i-exceed highlighted out what separates mobile banking from digital banking. i-exceed also highlighted the changing landscape of employee operations, sales and relationship management due to the emergence of new age mobile applications.
A mobile banking app facilitates branch-less, paper-less, cash-less, and omni-channel operations. All these pave the way for a complete digital banking solution. Furthermore, powered by Appzillon, their flagship unified app development platform, banks can now provide their customers with apps that are user-friendly and offers multi-modal interactions, geo-tagging and fencing, augmented reality, and multi-factor authentication.
Appzillon’s industry solution framework and pre-built banking solutions make it easy for banks to jump-start their mobile initiatives. The pre-built solution could be used straight out of the box or be customized to meet specific requirements.
With unique features such as auto generation of apps from enterprise applications, automatic building of screens, omni-channel support, and an unparalleled customization facility, Appzillon would enable banks be leaders in the digital banking space

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