On the 16th of July, i-exceed held its first ever leadership forum – Appzillon Connect 2019. The event was designed to showcase how Appzillon has proven itself as a leader for digital transformation, discuss the latest trends that are shaping the banking and financial services industry, and bring together eminent members of the banking fraternity that included customers as well as prospects of i-exceed.

Namit kicked off the activities for the day with a welcome address that was followed by an update from Sundar on i-exceed’s business performance, new innovations in the banking space, and the future road map of the company.

Next up was Jost Hoppermann, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester. His session focussed on digital banking engagement platforms, the future of omni-channel banking, and how banks could provide better customer service, increase efficiency, and deliver innovative products. His role as an analyst helped the audience in getting a glimpse of how digital banking will evolve going forward.   

Next was a panel discussion on ‘Digital Banking for the masses and SME’ moderated by Sagar and included Arun Diaz (Aavishkarr) and Prakash Sundaram (Fincare). Arun and Prakash spoke at length about how digital technologies have helped in improving financial inclusion in the last couple of years. They also highlighted how banks have gone beyond the 4 walls of a branch and taken banking products and services to their customer’s doorstep with the help of assisted banking solutions. Another phenomenon discussed was the disruption in the payments space. The change witnessed in the last year has been much more than the change that took place over the last decade. Going forward, they believe that most changes in banking and financial services space would follow a similar trend.  

The next presentation of the evening was by Ramasubramanian Sundararajan (Cartesian Consulting). He spoke about the role AI will play in banking, the impact it will have, and what we could look forward to in the coming years.

Karthik and seniors from Citibank were part of the second panel discussion. They talked about how Citi bank has used Appzillon to transform their existing corporate banking solution into one that is cutting-edge and user friendly. The new solution brought down the time taken to onboard new corporate customers from many weeks to just a few days. Citi has also used Appzillon to develop apps that have been rolled out in close to 90 countries.

The two panel discussions that took place at Appzillon Connect 2019 showcased Appzillon’s capabilities to addresses either ends of the banking spectrum. On one hand, it is facilitates financial inclusion, makes banking products and services accessible in places with little or no network coverage, etc. and on the other end it is digitally transforming banking products at banks like Citibank; one of the world’s largest banks.  

The final session of the evening was by Sudhir. He showcased the roadmap for Appzillon and a retail banking app that leverages several AI and ML aspects such as omni search, chatbots, and conversational interfaces. The vote of thanks was delivered by Sanjeev after which the crowd dispersed for cocktails and dinner.