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Appzillon Digital
Experience Platform

Benchmarking Rapid Digital Transformation

Appzillon Development Platform provides a low-code visual development approach for quickly building and deploying omni-channel responsive apps and powering rapid digital transformation of legacy systems into future proof digital systems.

Appzillon Digital Banking Engagement Platform was featured as a Strong Contender in the Forrester Wave report for Digital Banking Engagement Platforms Q3, 2019. The platform has also featured amongst the best platforms in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant Report on Mobile App Development Platforms 2018 and 2017.

The micro-app based architecture of the platform simplifies the app development process by modularizing the entire app development project at a granular level into small functional building blocks, also known as micro-apps. Using in-built themes and widgets, micro apps can be customised to address specific business needs.

The visual development approach adopted by the platform allows IT teams to drag and drop digital components to build the UI. In-built collection of templates helps in fast tracking the app development and visual data binding capabilities of the platform helps in quickly binding services to the UI being developed.

Apps generated by Appzillon Development Platform are fully optimized to seamlessly run on multiple channels with high performance levels, lightning fast response rates, and the smoothest transitions.

With its cross-platform development approach IT teams can build apps that run on major platforms such as iOS and Android as well as leading browsers such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, etc., from a single code base. All it takes now is a few minutes to deploy apps on mobile, web, and chat interfaces.

The AI embedded in the platform enables IT teams to integrate ML models seamlessly into their process flows to ensure highly customisable user journeys and reduce efforts involved in data capture with the help of smart screens / conversational interfaces.

Appzillon’s automated development approach automatically generates screens from existing services, the in-built integration adapters facilitate seamless integration with multiple third party systems, and the automated testing capabilities reduce the time and effort involved in regression activities. The support for DevOps helps IT teams to continuously build and deploy apps giving banks the competitive edge in the digital revolution.  

Key Features

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Low Code Visual Development
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Personalised and Engaging UX
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Multi Experience
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DevOps Support
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Built-in AI and ML Models
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Micro App based Scalable Architecture
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Robust Security
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Digital Assets Repository