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i-exceed’s Appzillon delivers modern digital banking technology to retail and corporate banks

Appzillon Digital Banking Platform

Platform Based Approach to Deliver Superior Banking Experiences

Appzillon Digital Banking Platform is a low-code visual development platform that helps developers and business users build and deploy omni-channel apps with quick time to market. The platform has been helping banking reduce the time to market of new apps by more than 70%.

Digital Banking Solutions with Superior Banking Services
Digital Banking Solutions - Appzillon Benefits

The Appzillon AI module in the platform enables IT teams to integrate ML models seamlessly into their process flows to ensure highly customizable user journeys and reduce efforts involved in data capture with the help of smart screens / conversational interfaces.

Appzillon’s automated development approach automatically generates screens from existing services, the in-built integration adapters facilitate seamless integration with multiple third party systems, and the automated testing capabilities reduce the time and effort involved in regression activities. The support for DevOps helps IT teams to continuously build and deploy apps giving banks the competitive edge in the digital revolution.

Key Features

Low-Code Visual Development

Personalised and Engaging UX

Multi Experience

DevOps Support

Built-in AI and ML Models

Micro-App based Scalable Architecture

Robust Security

Digital Assets Repository

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