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Digital Banking sOLUTIONS

Appzillon Digital banking Solutions

Redefine Digital Banking Experiences with Customer-Centric Solutions

In an experience based economy, the customer is king and today, around the world, financial institutions have one primary mission – offer personalised, convenient, and relevant products and services for their customers. And at i-exceed, we have taken that mission as our personal goal and we help banks achieve with our Appzillon Digital Banking Solutions. The reason for this is quite simple; in the age of disruption, technology companies are not competitors to banks but facilitators that help in the mutual growth of both entities. Leading analyst firm IBS Intelligence has placed i-exceed for the fourth consecutive year  in its leadership club for securing the second largest number of sales for digital banking and channel systems worldwide and highest number of deals in APAC region.

Appzillon helps banks go to market 70% per cent quicker than conventional development platforms

Enhance Functionality | Boost Productivity | Realize Results

 Banks Worldwide use Appzillon for a Successful Rapid Digital Transformation

Today, developing a single app will simply not suffice when it comes to staying ahead of the competition in a digitally driven world. It is only the first of many steps that would ensure customer satisfaction and engagement, relevance, and business success.

Appzillon Digital Banking Solutions from i-exceed is a suite of pre-built banking solutions that offers differentiated digital banking experiences for a bank’s customers and staff. The suite leverages three decades of experience in developing banking solutions that have revolutionized the banking industry.

Key Features of Appzillon Digital Banking sOLUTIONS

Rich Functionality

All solutions in Appzillon Digital Banking provide rich in-built functionality that leverages decades of experience in building banking solutions that are cutting-edge and delightful to use at the same time.

Multi Experience Support

Appzillon uses a single code base for all supported experiences such as mobile, web, kiosk, etc. This approach makes it easy to introduce new features across channels quickly.

Personalized Experience

Appzillon includes a rich repository of personalisation elements to help deliver a user experience that is unique and personalized for each and every customer.

AI Powered

Appzillon includes a repository of machine learning models that can be seamlessly integrated into various areas such as chatbots, omni-search, etc.

Platform Driven

All solutions have been developed using Appzillon Development Platform. The platform driven approach provides unparalleled flexibility in developing, delivering, and maintaining digital solutions.

Robust Security

All solutions follow the industry benchmark for enterprise security to ensure that data security and integrity is maintained at all times with zero compromises.

Agile and Flexible

Appzillon uses industry standard technologies. It follows a robust and performance driven scalable architecture to support secure interactions and high volumes.



Appzillon follows a micro-app based architecture that breaks down features into granular yet fully functional units / digital assets that are reusable and modular. These can be combined together to build complex solutions.