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Appzillon Digital Banking Platform – Fast, Reliable and Scalable

Appzillon has aided prominent banks and financial institutions around the world in their digital banking transformation. Appzillon is a low-code platform that provides a wide range of cloud-based omnichannel digital banking solutions. Get on board and create a seamless and engaging banking experience for your clients while enhancing operational efficiency.

Accelerating Banking Transformation in Over 90 Countries

Highly Rated by Top Research Firms for Sustainable Digital Banking Transformations

Why Select Appzillon for Digital Banking?

Benefits for the Customers:

Appzillon provides Omnichannel banking solutions which provides a consistent user experience across devices/ channels. For example, one can start the onboarding process on a mobile device and finish it using the laptop and the user won’t notice any difference.

Appzillon’s AI module contains built-in machine learning (ML) models which can be used for multiple tasks like image processing, OCR, speech to text, omnichannel speech and test search etc. It enables IT teams to integrate ML models seamlessly into their process flows to ensure highly customizable user journeys and reduce efforts involved in data capture with the help of smart screens / conversational interfaces. Appzillon’s AI powered chatbot can easily take care of generic requests from the customers and reduces dependency on human interaction.

Banking with Appzillon is completely safe and secure with multi-level authentication, authorization, encryption, and data integrity checks.

With Appzillon’s drag and drop interface, microservice architecture, pre-built templates and widgets banks can quickly build new apps or update the existing ones. This enables banks to ensure that customers have a seamless and personalized banking experience which improves engagement. Additionally, Appzillon’s e-KYC and AI-enabled smart forms for automatic data capture enable lightning-fast onboarding. Before updating their banking apps, banks can employ Appzillon’s dashboard providing detailed analytics of user behavior to better understand their customers and make informed decisions.

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Benefits for the Banks:

Easily assign and define roles based on the level of access required by the users.

It enables every feature to function as an independent block communicating via language independent APIs. Banks can update a specific part of the application without worrying about the dependencies on other features and facilitate building and sustaining an external ecosystem.

Build your applications as an SDK for integration and extend digital solutions across an enterprise.

Appzillon’s low-code approach to building digital assets provides a bank with the agility and speed to realize digital initiatives rapidly. The platform makes building and launching omni channel apps 70% faster than traditional platforms.

Appzillon is designed to cater to the needs of any financial institution irrespective of its size. Our clientele includes tier 1 banks, regional banks, community and cooperative banks, payment banks, Neo banks, micro finance institutions and so much more.

Appzillon’s drag and drop interface allows quick changes to the existing apps and release new apps. Also, the availability of plethora of widgets and pre-built templates banks can easily update the banking apps

Your bank’s tech team can take advantage of the digital pipelines for new releases, automating code review, testing and deploying the changes to the production server.

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Equip your Bank’s Staff with the Latest Digital Banking Tools

Visual interface to build banking apps with little to no coding knowledge

Configurable user journeys to deliver personalized banking experience
Easily define user roles

Fully customizable micro-apps

Video KYC for quick onboarding

Analytics to know your customers better

To know more about the benefits for the banks

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Tier 1 Banks

Retail banking solution

Be one step ahead in delivering delightful retail banking user experiences to your customers

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Sales enablement platform

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