• One stop solution for customer on-boarding including KYC compliance and enrolment of various products (savings, current & investment accounts) and services (internet banking & debit card)
  • Reduce end to end processing time by 60%
  • Go paperless
  • NLS (Native Language Support)


  • Seamless integration with core banking (Finacle) and other backend systems
  • Configurable workflow
  • Built in capabilities – search engine, hot keys, configurable defaulting of data, drop down selection, reduced user input thereby reduce processing time.
  • Capability to print online, reducing the manual work
  • Built in multilingual capability


           FOR CUSTOMER

  • Reduced waiting period
  • No manual filling of on-boarding forms

           FOR BANK STAFF

  • Single system to access
  • Reduced user input
  • Easy document storage and retrieval
  • Reduced operating time

           FOR BANK

  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Overall turnaround time for customer and bank staff is reduced there by increasing productivity.  Reduced cost.
  • Mobility platform enhances customer reach