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Re-inventing Corporate Banking in a Digital-first World

Today, as most of you might know, digital transformation has become the cornerstone of success for banks and financial institutions across geographies. This holds true irrespective of the fact whether they cater to retail, corporate, or enterprise customers.

However, a lot of the changes we saw early on were predominantly for the retail banking side.

Of late, we have seen that the corporate banking space too, has adopted aggressive measures to digitally transform its products and services. And the recent turn of events that has reshaped the world, has seen a fast-tracking of digital transformation initiatives.

So, how is digital transformation re-inventing corporate banking in a digital-first world?

Joining us today are 3 eminent figures who have been closely associated with the banking industry for decades.

Jost Hoppermann

Jost Hopperman

VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester


Andrius Anelauskas

Director, Client Relationships at Anglo-Gulf Trade Bank


Stelios Pantouvakis

Head of Solution Architecture, Digital Transformation Division at National Bank of Greece

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