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Be one step ahead in delivering delightful retail banking user experiences to your customers

The retail customers of today have options and that applies to all walks of life. They are empowered to make demands and banks have to be quick to address their demands to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction, high levels of user engagement, delivery of personalized products and services, and so much more. And the fact of the matter is that addressing a customer’s demand is no longer a one-time thing. It is lifetime of effort that involves continuous development, receiving feedback, and constantly innovating.


Analytics for product recommendation

Robo Advisors / Chatbots

Appzillon Retail Banking from i-exceed is an omni-channel solution that allows customers to access most products and services of their bank from the tip of their fingers. The app does not simply appify a bank’s offerings. The app supports the integration of third party APIs that helps banks expand the range of products and services it can offer its customers. Additionally, the platform extends legacy services to customers in a seamless and unified manner across different channels, browsers, and devices to ensure that digital banking experiences are delightful and novel at the same time.

Key Features

  • Complete access to accounts, deposits, investments, loans, cards, etc
  • Domestic and international transfers
  • Register and pay utility payments
  • Personalized promotions
  • Initiate service requests and perform profile updates
  • Secure mailbox to communicate with the support desk
  • Administrative module for user management, role management and usage analytics
  • Spend dashboard and analytics
  • Set multiple levels of security to ensure data security and integrity
  • Manage preferences and products
  • Set financial goals
  • In-app notifications
  • Manage beneficiaries

Solution Benefits

  • Consistent and seamless experience across channels
  • Reduced traffic at conventional and expensive channels
  • Improved customer engagement
  • Reduced branch workload
  • Improved operational efficiency