Omnichannel Banking with Appzillon

Appzillon allows your bank’s  consumers to have a uniform and seamless banking experience regardless of the channel they usewebsite, mobile app, branch, call center etc. It is a low code omnichannel banking platform with a suite of digital banking solutions.  

Benefits of Omnichannel Banking

Quick Problem Resolution

Lower Support Costs

Personalized Banking Experience

Satisfied Customers with Improved Engagement

How Appzillon Provides Omnichannel Banking?

Appzillon banking platform has powered Omnichannel transformations of over 100 banks. Appzillon’s digital banking solutions equipped with the latest financial technologies provides Low-code approach to deliver apps across different operating systems designed for mobile, tablet, and desktops, enabling your clients to experience a frictionless banking experience across devices/ channels. 

Need for Omnichannel Banking

Customer-Centric over Transaction Oriented

Traditionally, banks have been more focused towards transactions than engagement with their customers, and they are often challenged by their own legacy siloed product lines. In other words, customer experience has always been an afterthought of every process and system

Customer-Centric Organizations - Omnichannel Banking - Appzillon
Evolving Customer Expectations - Omnichannel Banking - Appzillon

Changing Customer Expectations and Evolution of Banks

Banks are now shifting away from silos — which limits innovation speed and customer satisfaction — to a digital-first and omnichannel banking approach. Now every customer expects the financial services to be as close and delightful as a typical e-commerce experience or like other consumer industries. Especially after Neo banks transforming the banking industry with digitization at its core, the customers now have a certain level of expectation. 

Evolving Customer Expectations - Omnichannel Banking - Appzillon

Adoption of Multiple Channels by Customers

Customers are highly fragmented between online and offline channels. According to an i-exceed survey, around 60% of clients preferred digital channels to manned channels (physical branches/telephone), although customers are often hesitant to adopt digital channels for complex services such as mortgages or major investments. In order to serve new age customers an omnichannel approach is a must.

Banking Channels - Omnichannel Banking - Appzillon

Omnichannel Banking Checklist

Omnichannel banking is sometimes misunderstood with Multichannel banking. It is much more than providing banking services to customers irrespective of the channel they use. It requires consistent customer experience, for example a customer should be able to complete half of the onboarding process on mobile and complete the other half on laptop. Each device/channel should work in a unified manner providing the same services.

Customer experience as a founding pillar of the application

Allowing a consistent banking experience irrespective of the channel

Real-time data synchronization between channels

Understanding client’s requirements through data analytics

Utilization of big data for enhancing customer experience and to better know the customer

Retail Banking Solutions

Be one step a head in delivering delightful retail banking user experiences to your customers

Corporate Banking Solutions

The Next Generation Of Corporate Banking Solutions

SME & Corporate Onboarding Solutions

From Weeks To Days Corporate Onboarding Simplified

Consumer Onboarding

Expand Your Customer Base From Anywhere And At Anytime

Sales Enablement Platform

Transform New Product Signups To Boost Revenue

Assisted Banking Solutions

Take the Bank to the Customer

Digital Branch Solutions

Expand Banking Beyond The Walls Of A Branch With Just A Few Clicks

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