A Low-Code Platform to Build Banking Apps

Appzillon’s low-code approach to building digital assets provides a bank with the agility and speed to realize digital initiatives rapidly. The platform makes building and launching omni channel apps 70% faster than traditional platforms.

Benefits of Low-Code Approach


Faster deployment of apps using visual building blocks and pre-built templates

Decreased Cost

According to a Forrester report, low code platforms are more cost effective than traditional banking platforms for over 70% of businesses. Furthermore, because of the low reliance on coding, the number of developers necessary to release an app is greatly reduced.

Easy Integration​

Low-code helps enterprises address the difficulties of siloed IT systems by linking data across platforms. Reporting and analytics, as well as integrated version control systems, are all available.


Low-code platform enables non-technical team members to make workflow and UI changes along with other software modifications using features like drag and drop builder.

Appzillon Low-Code Banking Platform

Appzillon’s low code platform comes with easy-to-use tools and drag and drop digital components to build apps. With the in-built data binding capabilities, one can integrate services with UI and release apps quickly.

Need for Low Code Platform in Banking

Quick Application Development & Deployment

In today’s competitive landscape, customers’ needs are ever changing. Hence every bank needs a platform that can be used to build, customize, and release applications fast. Low-code visual development approach makes it possible!

Apps with Quick Time to Market - Low-Code Platform - i-exceed
Active Participation - Low-Code Platform - i-exceed

Active Participation of Members of High Interest in Application Development

Frequently, application developers have little to no interest in the application itself; they are neither consumers nor those who plan to release the apps. Every app has a set of owners, developers, and end users and Traditionally, every modification is routed through the development team. The visual application design technique allows owners to release updated apps, which improves agility.

Effective Collaboration And Feedback Loop

The ability of a team to work together is vital to its success, and a low-code platform makes it simple for everyone engaged in the app’s release to participate even during development. A low-code platform also allows for real-time feedback, making it easy to update the app as necessary.

Effective Collaboration - Low-Code Platform - i-exceed

What is a Low Code Platform?

Low code is a software development approach which requires little to no coding for developing an application. Low code platforms use visual development features, with simple drag and drop tools, instead of writing thousands of lines of code for developing and releasing an application. This makes app development possible for professionals with no coding knowledge. Typically, a low code platform consists of:
Visual IDE - Drag and Drop Builder - Low-Code Platform for Banking

Drag and Drop Interface

for defining the UI, workflows and data models of the application, one can also manually write code

Connector for Banking Service - Low-Code Platform for Banking - i-exceed

Connector for Services

which handles data structures, storage and read & write functions

Lifecycle Management - Low-Code Platform for Banking - i-exceed

Release Manager

to build and deploy the application on staging server and production server

Appzillon Low-Code Platform Features

Deploy applications with quick time to market 

Collaboration between teams with visual design language

Agility in application development lifecycle

Flexibility to perform controlled experiments and promote innovation

Security and scalability  

Cross-Platform accessibility 

Control to ensure role-based access

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