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From weeks to days; Corporate Onboarding Simplified

Up till now, onboarding a corporate customer was a complex process. It was highly siloed with legal, risk, front-office, and due diligence teams not having an overall view of the process in its entirety. All this equated to a lengthy process that would take several weeks.




i-exceed understands these requirements and have come up with a corporate onboarding solution that streamlines the process and brings in significant reduction in the time taken to onboard corporate customers.

Key Features

  • Omni-channel solution to enable rapid onboarding of corporate customers
  • AI powered smart screens / conversational interfaces to simplify data capture in an efficient and progressive manner
  • Dynamic screens to automatically reflect any changes incorporated in the back office solution
  • Support for various banking products such as current accounts, deposits, loans, treasury, etc.

Solution Benefits

  • Reduction in onboarding time from several weeks to just a few days
  • Reduced operational errors as all stakeholders are on the same platform and duplicate data entry is eliminated
  • Quick access to the onboarding statistics with the ability to easily retrieve any onboarding request
  • Future ready, flexible and configurable presentation layer