• Amana Bank is the first fully Sharia compliant bank in Tanzania
  • Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) with Bank of Tanzania (BOT) was mandatorily introduce Revenue Gateway System (RGS) to all commercial banks to improve tax payment and collection process
  • TRA has issued specifications for all commercial banks to follow while implementing tax payment
  • Seamless integration with RGS and Core Banking System is mandatory while processing tax payments


  • Appzillon TaxBank Solution (ATS) a standalone application, that fully complies with RGS/TRA Requirements
  • ATS includes a robust security framework to enable highly secure data transmission
  • Solution pre-integrated with RGS for processing tax payments
  • Solution can be deployed in 2 weeks


          FOR CUSTOMER

  • Tax payment process simple
  • Reduced waiting period

           FOR BANK STAFF

  • Easy Authorization and Processing of tax payments
  • Generate recon file everyday
  • Query past payments anytime
  • Amend unauthorized payments

           FOR BANK

  • Complies with TRA specification
  • Highly secure using SSL and OWASP standards
  • Provides a facility to apply four eyes principles for process transactions
  • User interface customizable on demand without “coding’
  • Fast deployment, within 2 weeks