Digital Onboarding & Lending Systems

Date: September 24, 2020
Time: 2:30 pm (UAE time)

Join us for the webinar hosted by CedarIBSI FinTech Lab that we would be participating in on the topic – ‘Digital Onboarding & Lending Systems’. 

The webinar will look at the current trends in digital onboarding and new generation lending systems across the Middle East and explore some interesting customer use cases from leading fintech players in this area.

Meet the eminent panelists, who would be sharing their real-life key-learnings from global experiences on this topic.


Rivi Varghese

CEO - CustomerXPs Software


Sreeram Narayan

Senior Product Manager
- Nucleus Software


V. Ramkumar

Senior Partner - Cedar Management Consulting (Moderator)


Zamrad K P

Director, Sales & Strategy - Middle East
i-exceed technology solutions

How banks are gearing up for rapid digital transformation?

Date: September 15, 2020
Time: 2:00pm Cambodia

We are seeing a phenomenal rise in the interest for rapid digital transformation and have also noticed the impact it has had on different aspects such as customer onboarding, corporate banking, digital branches, and so on.

For some time now, Asia has been the hotspot for FinTech adoption and the region recently witnessed a boost in investments to urgently address growing customer preferences for contactless solutions.

Join our exclusive webinar, where we will discuss how banks are driving successful digital transformations to deliver memorable digital banking experiences.

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Ros Sokha

CDO, Sathapana Bank Plc,


Han Kwang

Deputy CEO, Philip Bank Plc, Cambodia


Satish Krishnamurthy

VP, i-exceed technology solutions, Singapore